Our Process

Here at Ocelot, our method is simple. We make everything from scratch. Our case is filled every day with handcrafted pastries baked that very same morning. Our goal is to sell out by close, and thus we begin the following day with a clean slate and another full case. 

Our menu rotates so frequently that the best way to see what’s available is to check our Instagram or Facebook stories, which we update every operating business day. We recommend arriving early to get the best selection of goods. Generally, once we sell out of an item; it’s gone for the day. If you can’t make it in early, we recommend calling and reserving your desired items for pickup later that day. Pre-ordering is available online. 

Lunch comes out around 10:00 a.m., Monday - Friday. Lunch is not offered on weekends due to shortened hours. We make a set number of lunch sandwiches, salads, and soup for each day. We estimate this number based on previous weeks sales, and even current weather conditions. Once again, our goal is to sell out of all lunch items by close. We recommend calling to reserve lunch if desired. The daily lunch menu may be found by checking our Instagram or Facebook stories.

This method of short bakes + limited menu allows us to continue bringing the freshest quality goods day in and day out.

As for coffee and tea, we rely on the skills of our talented neighbors. Serving from a rotation of about 10 - 12 Northeastern Ohio coffee roasters, you may find a brew from your favorite local coffee shop right here at Ocelot. Whole beans are also available for sale. Of course, steamed espresso drinks & unique teas will be carefully crafted via our team of talented baristas. 

Our little slice of coffee shop heaven includes a central fireplace, acting as the heart of our cafe. It roars during the winter months, while friends and families gather around to enjoy time together. During the warmer months, a few outdoor tables are available to those lucky enough to capture them. Whether you need a place for respite, a gathering spot for friends, or a meeting site for work - we have you covered. All we ask is that you indulge in a pastry or coffee while you’re here.