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Here at Ocelot, we aim to keep our offerings unique, fun, and seasonal. Our pastry menu changes daily and our lunch menu adjusts weekly based off of what recipes spark our interest or what fresh ingredients we can get our hands on. We post the daily pastry

& lunch menu to our Instagram and Facebook story, which is the best way to see what's currently available.


Perhaps one day we will tire of this method and finalize a set menu. Until then - allow yourself to be immersed in our moods, cravings, and seasonal offerings.

Ocelot Pastry Menu for edit jpeg.jp2

To place a pastry pre-order, call during cafe hours OR send an email to

Shop Phone: 330.523.7006

Due to all items being made in-house & from-scratch,  please allow 2-days minimum notice on all

pre-orders. Please keep item minimums in mind when ordering. 

Note: 6packs on all items are to be of the same flavor. No flavor mixing.


base menu items | various flavors come & go

Call to see what's available or check our social media stories in the morning!

Breakfast Pastry Pocket....$8.50

Flakey & buttery pastry dough filled with scrambled eggs, cheese, and a variety of breakfast ingredients. Vegetarian options available daily.

Mushroom & Swiss Pastry Pocket....$8.50

Flakey & buttery pastry dough filled with our house mushroom duxelles, baby Swiss cheese, parsley, onions, garlic, and an abundance of spices.


Our flakey buttermilk scones are a staple at the cafe and have been since farmers market days. Sweet & savory options available daily.


Lemon Blueberry | Cranberry Orange | Jalapeno Cheddar | Cheddar & Chive | Bacon, Cheddar, Chive | Cherry Pecan 

Sweet Roll....$5.00 - 7.00

Our signature enriched sweet dough filled with a variety of sweet or savory flavors. Sweet roll varieties change weekly. 


Pecan Sticky Bun | Cardamom Bun | Cinnamon Roll w/ C.C. Frosting | Jalapeno Peach Roll | Seasonal Bun


Our house-made rough puff pastry dough filled with a variety of seasonal and homemade fillings such as citrus curds, berry jams, and pastry creams.

Common Flavors:

Lemon Curd & Blueberry | Apple Cinnamon | Salted Caramel & Apple | Mixed Berry


Extra large bakery style muffins.


Coffee Cake | Lemon Blueberry | Nutella Stuffed | Banana Bread | Pumpkin Crumble [seasonal] 

mini quiche....$5.00

4" savory tart crust filled & thickened with egg custard + a variety of savory veggies, meats, cheeses & herbs. Gluten Free also available.

madeleine....$1.25 - $2.00

Shell shaped French butter cookies topped with a variety of chocolate shells.

Popular Flavors:

Orange w/ White Chocolate Cardamom | Orange & Dark Chocolate | Matcha & Orange |  

Vanilla & Dark Chocolate | Lemon Lavender 

breakfast focaccia....$7.00

Our fluffy Italian bread houses a yolky egg along with various fresh toppings, cheeses, etc. | Flavor changes daily.

Sesame Sausage Roll....$7.50

Flakey & buttery pastry dough made with a savory miso & dijon sausage filling; topped with toasted black sesame seeds.

cookies....$3.00 - $4.00

Bakery sized cookies; a variety of unique flavors.

Common Flavors:

Gochujang Caramel | Milk Chocolate Chunk | Earl Grey & Lavender | Peanut Butter | Oatmeal Raisin


Pistachio Biscotti....$2.00

Twice baked Italian biscuits made with salted pistachios.

Yogurt parfait....$5.00

Greek yogurt parfaits with fresh berries and our house-made, nut-free Sweet E's Granola.

Sweet E's Granola Bar....$3.00

Our house-made, nut-free granola bars. 

Sold wholesale at Rock Mill Climbing Gym & all CVNP Trail Shops.

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